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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trick to Get Confirmed Ticket Even After Chart Preparation

In India, there is a huge demand for Railway tickets for people who travel to long distances. Most people book their journey 3 months before the train departure. General reservation starts in railway counters from 8am onwards. Many people flock in long queues at various reservation counters for procuring tickets 3 months in advance. 

Current booking Indian Railways
Representative image: Indian Railways
But, it is very difficult for passengers who have no Travel plan. Even though Tatkal facility can be availed, because of its heavy demand, there is no such guarantee of getting confirmed tickets. Many people approach agents for getting confirmed tickets and they charge in general twice, thrice the base fare or maybe even more. The price surging depends on the season and in particular, demand for a particular train. 

 For those people, there is a facility in Indian railways most of us are aware called current booking facility where you can grab confirmed tickets even after chart preparation. 

Current Reservation Facility:

Current reservation is an option provided by Indian railways if you are boarding from the station of trains origin.In general charting  is done 4.hrs before the departure of the train . if after chart preparation, still there are tickets leftout then they will be allotted for current booking. You can avail the facility at the station itself or you can book online on Irctc website

Step by Step Guide:
  1. Go to Irctc website
  2. Enter log in details
  3. Enter the source and destination of your journey
  4. You can get available list of trains. Select only the trains that have a time of atleast  2 hrs for departure. suppose if you login at 9pm check for trains that departs at11.00 pm
  5. From the list of trains available select the class(sleeper/A.C) of your choice  
  6. You can view the current booking availability. Follow the same procedure that you normally do for ticket booking. Irctc does not charge you extra for availing this facility and pricing is  similar to general  tickets.
Below the snapshot shows current booking available for 25-11-2016 from secunderabad to Nizamabad.In the first screen shot you can see the time of booking is 9.46am and  from the second screen shot, you can see the  train Devagiri Express departs at 12.25 pm.

current booking IRCTC
Screen shot for Current booking

current booking IRCTC

 So now that you are aware about current booking facility, If any time you have missed Tatkal ticket you need not cancel your travel plans, you can  try the current reservation. Many people   are unaware of this facility and  tickets are available almost all the time.

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