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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#CrocodileModi is Trending on Twitter after receiving Severe Backlash from the People

Demonetization is the most trending topic in India after Prime minister of India announced the ban of Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes on November 8. The decision lead people come to roads, stand in long Ques for exchanging their old currency.

Initially, the decision from Modi was welcomed by most of the people but later on when the demand for new currency notes is not fulfilled by the government, people started criticizing the government for the lack of preparedness prior taking the decision.

Despite government relaxing the use of old currency notes at Railway stations, Govt hospitals, all bill payments to government, people have to face several day to day problems when the small exchange notes are not made available according to demand. The limit of withdrawal at the ATM is also capped at Rs2000 per day made the situation more worse which led to fall of several daily cash transacted business like grocery, vegetable to even shopping malls.

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Now people started hash tagging Narendra Modi as #CrocodileModi emphasizing the situation that Modi is crying crocodile tears. Now this has become advantageous for congress and BSP leader who were opposing the decision right from the first day.

Below are the several tweets from the people compiled for you...

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