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Friday, November 18, 2016

Designer creates Smart Mirror based on Apple's ios10

smart mirror apple
Representative image of smart mirror

What do we use  mirror for? we generally use it for personal  grooming, decoration and architecture. But Rafael Dymek, a New york based designer and web developer has other ideas. He developed smart mirror based on ios10.The smart mirror looks stunningly similar to iPhone flaunting all the icons as in a Normal iPhone.

 In the top right, there is time and date, on the top left, there is weather information, to the highs and lows and also next five days forecast The mirror goes into hibernation after 45 sec of inactivity and functions as a normal mirror. If you tap anywhere on the mirror you will get back the icons. 

The icons are displayed to the left and right side of the mirror. But they can be  moved anywhere on the mirror just like your phone.more interesting is that you can chat in real time, play music just as you do in your phone although you need wireless speakers to get can operate the music change music tracks similar to Phone .Also ,you can play videos,up to date news  and even book a cab through this mirror. Dymek uploaded a quick demonstration video on YouTube detailing the functioning of the Smart mirror giving us a hint on how it works. 

The step-by-step tutorial to make the smart mirror was inspired by another blog post by Michael Teeuw in March 2014. This is the source of a dedicated forum for magic mirror makers.It is expected for Global Smart Mirror Market Revenue to  Reach US$ 864.2 Mn by 2022 : PMR Report.

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