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Friday, November 25, 2016

Gravity Light: Light that Works Without Electricity

Do you ever think of a Light generated from a bag of rocks? If your answer is No, you have to quickly know about this technology because this is going to light many houses across the world where accessibility to electricity is very limited. Creating a brighter and safer future is the moto of Gravity Light.This is called Gravity Light and so doesn't require any external electricity source. All it needs is a 10kg bag of rocks.

Idea Behind the Gravity Light:

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Do you know there are still 1.1 billion people across the world are still far away from the electricity. Most of these people use kerosene lamps to power their houses. Research tells that kerosene fumes are more hazardous for health. Inhaling kerosene fumes is equivalent to smoking 170 cigarettes an year. WHO estimates that in India alone one million people every year suffer from burns due to leakage of kerosene from lamps. Here came the idea of development of a lamp which is safer and produce bright light to such kind of people.

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Working Mechanism:

Everyone is aware of Newton's Law of Gravity. To let understand for a layman, every object thrown to the sky reaches the ground in the same manner. GravityLight concept is an innovative one that generates power using the force of gravity from a weight. It is made up of three parts
  1. The light is hung at 6ft above the ground
  2. To power the light rocks of 10kg weight  is lifted, and released slowly back down towards the ground. 
  3. This movement generates a series of gears which rotates very slowly with high torque (force). The gear train running through turns this input into a high speed, low torque output that drives a power generator at thousands of rotations per minute.
This output is used to power an LED light.+

Didn't understand the mechanism clearly? Here I will tell you with a simpler example. Did you ever play with a toy car that runs with a key gear? Did you use an clock that runs with key gear? Have you used a dynamo for the Bicycle to power the light? 

GravityLight also uses the same principle.But here to generate the torque, you are using a weight of 10kg to spin the gears.

What is the output of GravityLight?

The GravityLight generates power of 0.075W with 12.5kg of weight and the light output is 16 Lumens

How Can I Buy the GravityLight:

GravityLight is in final stage of development and they are planning to launch in 2017

Who are working on GravityLight?

GravityLight project is NGO project funded by many companies like Shell, Indiegogo

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