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Friday, November 4, 2016

How to easily earn Truthful money online by spending your Leisure time

Ways to earn money online
With the process of automation picking pace and industries are more concentrated towards reducing the human workforce. There is an urgent need for all of us to search for better alternatives of earning money. That is when the concept of earning through the internet and work from home jobs gained popularity. Many videos surfaced online showing us the different possibilities to earn but many of them are just illegitimate.
How to easily earn Truthful money online by spending your Leisure time
Most of us are victims of these scams which initially asks us to pay some basic amount we do so in the hope of earning ransom amount of dollars as displayed in their advertisements. But sooner or later we come to realize that we fell prey to them. As I was going through the internet in search of different ways to earn money, I came across the website I had thoroughly gone through the website, searched for the YouTube videos and decided it gives it a shot. After using it for about 2 months it gave me immense pleasure to realize that I have finally come across the legit site. So without any further delay let’s go through details…..
Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an initiative of the Government of India under the Digital India Program to provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical documents for any organization. The aim is to digitize all the available documents so that they reduce the physical stress in searching them. For example we need not go for manual check  a file for our necessary document .we can get it get it just by the click of a button which reduces physical load as well saves a lot of time.
Let’s see how it works…..
Every government department is burdened with document management having lots of files records formats etc. Although scanning can be an option it is very cucumber some and it is very difficult to search for specific data in a document. Extracting embedded data in document types is the solution. Initially, a template is created by identifying the selected fields.
Every field is captured as an image. The system distributes the image to two transcribes. Also, there is no scope for any security breach as no transcriber can see the entire document. So the transcribers enter the data as seen in the image. If the entered transcriptions of both transcribers are different it will be sent to a third transcriber.
The transcriptions that match are finalized and stored in the database. The data is now available in digital format. So the government agency is benefited from easier and faster access to records providing efficient citizen services. We can be also a part of this digitalization.
·         Basic computer operation
·         Aadhar number
·         Bank account linked to aadhar
·         Access to internet
·         Good typing skills are an added advantage.

How do you earn?
·         After the registration is over go to workspace choose English and click Load workspace.
·          Enter the data displayed in the image in the box with the tagline
·         Type data present in the box in English and click Submit. There are three buttons displayed to the right of the box. Submit, Not Readable, Blank Document. You can choose either of them based on the displayed image. If the image happens to be a Captcha it will ask to tick mark it and we need to submit YES Or No.
·          After the task has been completed we can close the task button on the top and go to the dashboard to check the number of characters we have typed number of snippets completed, typing accuracy and the number of characters entered.
·         Proceed to Rewards section to check a number of points earned.
·         After getting approved for each correct entry we earn rewards which can be converted into cash and the amount will be credited to our bank account. So we can avail this opportunity to earn income. We can use our leisure time to earn as there is no time limit.
·          Once the snippets are exhausted you need to refresh the page. If the message says no more snippets don’t worry you can visit later.

To conclude we can earn a decent amount of money through it if we have good typing skills if not we can use it as a platform to hone our skills.

Keep viewing this blog for more articles like this and in future we will coming up with more articles on earnings and investments.

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