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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to Know Who is Spamming You in Gmail?

Most  of us own a  Gmail account . There are many tricks of Gmail unexplored or unidentified. In this article, I will try to bring to you a few of them.I will let you updated with all the tricks in my future series of articles.

Most people are unaware of this trick. we spend a lot of time surfing online, visit a number of websites and find some useful on the first glance and subscribe to these sites with out concentrating on its authenticity. We expect valuable info from these sites. But rather, your inbox getting filled with spam emails. Getting to know the source of those spam emails is like finding a needle in a haystack. With the help of this trick, I am going to give you a solution to this problem.
Spamming You in Gmail
Gmail inbox
  • Let's take any Gmail Id for example. I have chosen
  • Add  '+' symbol after your Id and add any word of your choice after '+'. eg
  • Adding the above symbol and word doesn't change the identity of the Gmail Id
  • All the emails sent to or reach the same inbox

By this trick, you can know whether your mail has been shared with any third party and spamming you.

How can we track the source of spam email?

To track the source, always you have to remember one thing. When registering or subscribing to any website, add the website name after the '+' symbol. Now, you can know by looking at "To' address the mail is sent.

For eg., If you are subscribing for a new letter in While entering the email Id, enter the email as

Now, if you receive any spam mail from any unknown source sent to, you can easily trace out that had shared your email Id to a third party without your permission and you can quickly unsubscribe from the Newsletter.

 Follow the steps to track the spam source

  • Open the Received mail
  • Look at the ‘To’ part of the mail
  • If you find '+ xyz' after your Gmail Id, it means xyz had shared your email with third parties with out your consent. So, you can visit  xyz and unsubscribe it. 

By this trick, you will come to know the websites that deliver spam content.

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