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Saturday, November 26, 2016

How to Remotely Signout of Gmail from Multiple devices in One Click?

How to Remotely  Signout  of Gmail  from Multiple devices in One  Click?

Most of us log into our Gmail account in Personal computer (PC) and mobile phones. However, your PC cannot be with you all the time. There might arise a situation where you need to  use Gmail in your friend's computer, office, a cyber cafe or a phone and you realize later that you forgot to log out. Then you need not worry. 

Here I am giving you a trick , that lets you log out all the web sessions  remotely anywhere you have used.

Step by Step Guide

1) Log in to your Gmail account

Remotely sign out gmail

2) If you scroll down you will find the link 'details' as shown inside the red circle in the screenshot below

Remotely sign out gmail

 3) Click on link and you will observe a pop-up window displayed

Remotely sign out gmail

4) In the window, you can find the sessions where you have logged in from multiple devices. You can also view type of device in the first column. IP (Internet provider)  address will be  displayed  in the second column.In the third column, you can find the time of the session you had logged in .

5)  Just click sign out of all other web sessions and you are done.

Next time if you forget to log out of your account anywhere you can apply this trick.

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