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Monday, November 21, 2016

People crave for Wi-Fi more than Sex, Chocolate or Alcohol:Survey

We are very much addicted to the internet these days. Most of the time we spend our leisure buffering internet glued to our laptop, tablet or our Smartphone. You are among one of the 40% of people who has wifi as   their first priority. This was revealed in a  Global survey conducted on  1700 people by Wi -Fi connectivity provider iPass and which examined  1,700 professionals across America and Europe.

Wi-Fi survey

The survey revealed some interesting revelations. As part of the survey,the participants were asked to rank the prominence of Wi-Fi over other "human luxuries and necessities" on a scale of 1-4,with 1 being most important nad 4 the least important. The results showed that while 40% of the participants Chose Wi-Fi as their number one daily essential, sex accounted for 37%, chocolate raked 14% and only 9% prioritized Alchohol.

 “Wi-Fi is not only the most popular method of internet connectivity, it has surpassed many other human luxuries and necessities,”   said Pat Hume, Chief Commercial Officer at iPass
Also according to study most of the people plan their travel. Based on the Wi-Fi facility being provided during the hotel accommodation. They crave to remain connected to the Wi-Fi all the time be it home travel or even during their stay at the hotel.

Also, three-fourths  of the respondents said that wifi has improved their quality of life

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