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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Power of Meditation in Controlling Stress

Stress is more common these days especially in people living in urban areas where people struggle for their existence most often. Stress leads to many disorders and is the root cause of many psychological disorders and cardiac diseases. Research has even proved Diabetes is related to stress. Stress hormones released in the body directly increases the blood glucose levels. Hence one can understand that stress is the main element for all the diseases in life. So, if stress is controlled all the correlated disorders can be negated. 
Power of Meditation in Controlling Stress

Now the main thing is How to control Stress?

Stress is a psychological phenomena which controls one's feelings and person who is stressed do not believe that he is able to control what he think. 

Meditation answers to all the questions to a person under stress. 15 mins meditation a day relaxes the mind and keeps control of feelings and bring out positive thoughts all through the day. Meditation brings serenity and tranquility to your brain which then influences you on how to live your life. 

Everyone wants to lead a happy life and one wants to concentrate on things that are kept important in his life. That might be family or profession. Through meditation one can achieve that power of concentration. As he meditates he concentrates on a particular thing during that 15 mins and when this becomes habit there comes the positive effects.

Find a quite place in your home and start meditating for 15 mins at least and observe the difference in your thoughts. Although you need some practice and determination to achieve this but nothing is impossible.

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