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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2.0? Mukesh Ambani to make Jio Related Speech Tomorrow

Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Jio will be addressing the employees and stakeholders in a meeting tomorrow on December 1. The meeting will be aired live at 13:30 in the company's Social media channels.

According to some unofficial reports, Ambani is going to announce something big in the meeting. Anticipations are that Jio Welcome Offer could be extended till March of 2017 and could detail Jio's upcoming Fiber Broadband which would offer 1Gbps of bandwidth.

Reliance Jio

With regard to Jio Welcome Offer (JWO), Trai has already made recommendations that Jio cannot continue the free offering beyond December 3. But Ambani already promised customers that JWO would be till December 31. JWO is offering unlimited voice calling, 100 sms daily, 4Gb of 4G data per day till December 31.

How to Watch the Event Live?

The event is scheduled to begin in 13:30  hrs EST and will be streamed live through the folowing Social media sources

You can also download Jio chat app from the Playstore to follow the announcement

If we rewind, Reliance Jio entry into telecom market had shaken the industry with the free offerings. Airtel, vodafone and Idea had to follow Jio to keep their customer base secure. Reliance Jio have created world record by adding 50 Million subscibers in 80 days of the launch.

Despite Jio fever in the nation, Airtel could keep 33 % of market share in the telecom market which is 7 years high for Airtel. 

Beside free offerings, Jio had to face several critisism for low speed of 4g data, interconnect issues with competetor operators, and call drops.

We have to wait till tomorrow afternoon what Mukesh Ambani would announce before anticipating anything

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