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Friday, November 18, 2016

Top Whatsapp Hidden Tricks that everyone must know

whatsapp tricksWhatsapp has swiftly grown from a startup founded in 2009 to a $19 Billion company. After acquired by Facebook in 2014, there had brought major and minor changes in whatsapp like introduction of voice calls, end to end encryption, video calls to name a few.

Whataspp has been introducing many features which can be called as secret or hidden features as they are not directly usable.  Based on my experience, I have listed out few tricks that might be useful to you...

1) To add bold formatting to the text, just add * (asterisk) before and after the text

eg. **

2) To type letters in italic, add _ (underscore) before and after the text

eg. _chaprama.com_

3) To strikeout the text, add ~ (tilde) before and after the text


You can also use the combinations of the symbols. For example, if you want to have bold and italic text you have to use the combination of * and _

eg. *_chaprama.com_*

4) Do you ever know that you can send message self or registered whatsapp mobile number? Here is the trick how to do so

  • First save your mobile number with the contact name you wish
  • Now go to contacts in your phone and select the contact you just saved
  • Beside your mobile number, you will find the whatsapp symbol. Click the icon
  • You will be directed to whatsapp and from this step, I need not explain what to do

5) In a group, there are many members and sometimes it will be difficult to reachout to a particular person. For this I had a trick...
  • In the compose box of a group jut add @ before any name
  • Now you will see many group member names displayed and you can select one you want to reachout

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