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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vivaldi Browser:The Ultimate Browser of the Decade

Vivaldi, a new browser is the latest addition to the list of browsers that include the Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla firefox ,and Apple safari.The browser is developed by Jon Von Tetzchner, the person behind Opera.Vivaldi comes with the tagline “powerful and personal”.

It runs across all platforms like windows, Mac and Linux.Vivaldi is powerful and customizable and allows  users to get maximum out of the browser. In Vivaldi browser, you can open the tabs 'stack in a folder-like manner' , which   allows us to maintain multiple websites with ease.To stand out from the crowd, Vivaldi has come up with Hue lights browser in the desktop version.The browser comes in with support for Philips Hue lights. 

Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser

You can link your Smart bulbs under  the  Theme settings page.This syncs your web with smart bulbs and the colour of the bulbs depends on the colour of your web page. Pretty innovative isn’t it? Going through the news in Reading mode is an amazing experience. Vivaldi is also a boon for slow connections as it offers delta updates for Windows versions, which means only the changes from release to release are downloaded, rather than the entire binary. Another unique feature is, if you add a note from selected  text in a webpage the screenshot will automatically included from the page.

"This is just a first step for us but imagine a world where you get notified for a new email or web notification through a light bulb," company's CEO Jon von Tetzchner was quoted as saying in a press release regarding the update. "

"Thinking beyond a browser and entering the real world is not only adventurous but also encourages the spirit of innovation and experimentation. We are open to new 'out of the box' ideas that make your browsing experience more creative and pleasurable. Ideas from our users and continuous implementations of those ideas only strengthen our relationship with them," Tetzchner said.

So, don't wait have a shot at Vivaldi browser right away. Vivaldi is a free  browser and  can be downloaded from Vivaldi.


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