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Sunday, December 4, 2016

This Microsoft App Allows You to Copy Text from Any Android Phone

Mobile internet usage is seen a rapid surge in recent times with the entry of various smartphone brands at affordable prices. We might have faced a situation wherein we come across excellent text when browsing through an  App. You want to have it copied instead of taking a screen shot but the app doesn’t allow you to do so. We feel very frustrated. 

A new app by Microsoft Garage team named “Clip Layer” provides you the solution. The App lets you copy any text from Android phone even in apps that do not allow you to do so by long pressing the home button and can copy in any other app.

Microsoft App allows to copy text from any android phone

The Microsoft ‘Clip Layer’ is exclusive for Android users and available on ‘Google play’. On installing the app  it assumes control as your help trigger, which implies long pressing your Home Button will now trigger the application and not 'Now On Tap' similar to the case on numerous Android cell phones.

How Microsoft Clip Layer App works?

You have to long press the home button to launch the Clip Layer App. After opening the app it reads the text available on the screen and is ready for copying. You can also select particular areas of the text you want to copy and then select ‘T’ button on the upper right corner to see the text selected. Then the text will be copied to the clipboard and you can copy it on facebook any instant messenger apps or you can save it as snippets for future use.

But the only drawback of this app is you have to sacrifice  the home button. In General on normal phones, if you long press the home button it opens Google App to help the users. However, in the case of Google pixel smartphones, it will serve the function of Google Assistant. So pixel users have to trade of Google Assistant if they want to use Clip Layer.

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