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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

AP Government Launches APPurse, an Android App that Integrates 12 Banks and 12 e- Wallets

Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Nara Chandra babu Naidu on Tuesday launched AP Purse mobile app, that provides a single interface to download and access  12 mobile banking and 12 e-wallets to help people carry out cashless transactions.

This will bring a sense of relief for the people who have been suffering a lot post demonetization. Talking on the event, Naidu said individuals ought to decide on mobile banking to come out of  the present cash crunch situation.

AP Government launch AP Purse an Android App

The administration will urge individuals including students to enhance digital financial literacy among people. He said the government will give incentives to the agents named 'Marpu Nestam'. Naidu said engineering students would be urged to train people in mobile banking transactions utilizing wallets, including this would help the students to earn while learning. Their services to society won’t go in vain and will be recognized by the government.

The Chief Minister said that the state government presented cashless exchanges at ration shops and finished the 70 % of the transactions utilizing Aadhar linkage to give help to individuals experiencing the shortage of small currency.He said that the state government has been making efforts to tackle the cash crisis  and the situation is going to improve. He said that currently Rs 2,472 crore is available with banks and the state will get Rs. 1,100 crore on Wednesday.

Naidu said that as a convener of the committee on post demonetisation crisis and digital transactions, he would head a meeting planned to be held at Mumbai on December 8 and talk about the issues being confronted by individuals for little money and optional  measures to be adopted to facilitate the situation.

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