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Monday, December 26, 2016

Apple to use OLED displays on iPhone 8 and all its future iPhones acquired from China

Apple, which currently uses LCD display for its iPhones, is slowly starting to shift towards OLED which is the current trend which has superior display quality compared to the LCD displays. Apple would be using the OLED display for its upcoming iPhone 8 and all other phones.

iphone 8

Rumor is that Apple would be approaching Samsung to produce OLED display for it. Despite Samsung being the largest producer of OLED displays, Samsung is not able to meet the own demand and for some external smartphone companies. Hence Samsung would not come up with an agreement with Apple. Apple has some Chinese manufacturers as the second option to supply the displays.

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Currently, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo use the OLED display for its smartphones. Samsung produces OLED displays for self and some external smartphone companies. Samsung is the largest manufacturer in the OLED display market. Although there are some Chinese manufacturers which produce OLED displays, they are not tested vigorously yet and are in doubt whether they meet the international standards.

Recently, Xiaomi Redmi Pro launched its first mobile with OLED display which proved to be the best in class for display quality.

IHS Markit report tells that the current OLED demand in the Chinese market increased to 13.6% from 8% in 2015. This will further increase if the big players like Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei shifts to OLED displays


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