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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chrome 55 Update: Async and Await, Pointer Events, Persistent Storage and more

Chrome 55 was officially released for the desktop a couple days back, and now the Android version has stuck to this same pattern. There are a couple of new changes for the Android version too.

Download Manager 

Till now, Chrome has utilized Android's built-in download manager for downloads. Back in September, Chrome's own Download Manager showed up in Chrome Dev, and now it has at last made it to the steady channel. 

Saving pages for offline viewing is as simple as tapping the download button in the Chrome menu, and they will stay on your phone until you physically erase it. You can likewise effectively download HTML5 video and audio by another button on the player controls, the length of the web page hasn't actualized custom controls and the content is not a stream. 

Memory enhancements 

Chrome's sandboxing feature, which confines each tab and extension in a different framework prepare, definitely prompts to the program gobbling up memory. Chrome 55 on Android incorporates a portion of the execution upgrades from recent Chrome desktop releases, including enhancements to V8 (Chrome's JavaScript motor). 

The full clarification is somewhat technical, yet two changes are critical. Firstly, V8 changes how JavaScript waste gathering functions in light of what number of dynamic components are on the present pages. This, consolidated with more forceful memory compaction, demonstrates a half normal drop in memory use. 

Besides, V8 in Chrome 55 has various changes to zones - the way V8 distributes memory. In past adaptations, V8's experience parser (the procedure that runs scripts while pages load) would keep zones alive long after the scripts were done stacking. Presently, the zones are instantly liberated from memory once the scripts are done, decreasing general memory utilization. 

There are a couple of different enhancements yielding negligible upgrades, yet those are the most imperative changes. The enhanced waste gathering may be empowered on gadgets with under 512MB of RAM, however, the zone upgrades are accessible on all gadgets. 

Web sharing 

Chrome 55 bolsters the new Web Share API, which web pages can use to share to apps installed on your device. This implies sites can actualize their own Share feature, which would work precisely like the share button on other Android applications. 

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