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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Google Keyboard (Gboard) App for Android is Now Available for Download from Play Store

Earlier this week, Google keyboard has been rebranded as G board and today Google has officially made it available for android users via Play store . The app was initially released for iOS way back in May 2016. It took such a long time to bring to the Android platform. Imagine If you are in middle of a conversation and wanted to know information on something say for example a restaurant what will you do?

gboard keyboard

You have to exit the app where you are conversing got to google and search for it. Here where Google Gboard comes in to play. Gboard integrates search results with the keyboard so that you can carry search operation within the app itself with out exiting. If you type in the restaurant name it will give you complete details and also the about the location where you can access through the Google maps icon. Gboard integration works with all the apps. You can look for GIF's emoji’s information right in the app itself.

You can also send GIFs and emoji's with in the conversation. Previously,  you have to download a standalone app such as ‘Giphy’ for sending GIFs. Now with Gboard, you can send right from the keyboard itself. Just long press the enter button and you can see loads of emojis.The video demonstration for Gboard is given below.

Gboard icon is located on the top left on the keyboard. If you click the icon.  you will be given three default options like What time does the Sunset, Weather, and News. You can enter the search item in the search bar provided. You can customize the keyboard with various pre-defined themes available. Not only that you can even insert your profile picture as theme background. Gboard also comes with multilingual typing and you can switch languages on the go. Gboard supports 120 languages.

There are two typing modes available in Gboard one is sliding typing where instead of typing you can slide on the relevant letters on the key board and the other Voice typing which converts your voice into text and send it directly.

Other notable features include mic icon for voice dictation and one handed mode which allows using keyboard one hand. Also anytime you can revert to the normal keyboard by pressing Globe icon. So go to Google play and have fun with Gboard.

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