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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Google Releases Android Things Project for IoT Devices; 10 Things to Know about Google's IoT Device OS

Google have recently launched an Internet of Things (IoT) called Android Things. project based on Android Operating System. Android things is used to connect devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial application. Google's IoT project is going to play a crucial role in the future IoT. Big techies like Microsoft and Amazon are already into the project which are heating up the IoT.

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Microsoft is launching Windows 10 IoT to hobbyists and OEMs. Amazon is making AWS lambda which is ready for IoT developers although Amazon doesn't have a native device OS. AWS is partnering with Lambda Greengrass for installing the OS in IoT devices and hubs.

Microsoft, Amazon and Google are devising their own strategy to push the OS to IoT devices. Google is their fresh attempt is trying to capture the market by connecting the dots between cloud and devices.

There are many things behind the Google's Android Things one should know.

  1. Android Things is a rebranded project of Google Brillo which was announced in 2015. The base of Brillo is originally Android but the development is different from Android
  2. Brillo uses C ++ for the development environment but Android Things targets all the Java based machines
  3. Developers are free to use toolkit to target IoT devices. Android Studio supports IoT development through Android Things
  4. Android Things does not support Admob, Sign in, maps which require authentication credentials from the users
  5. Developers can push updates to devices using Android Things like OTA updates received on Android phones
  6. Google recommends developers to use Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi3, NXP Pico for developing and initial prototyping.
  7. Firebase, which is a component of Google cloud Platform can be integrated with Android Things
  8. Android Things can be integrated with communication platform like Weave for IoT devices. Weave works on cloud and deals with device registration, authentication and integration with Google Assistant
  9. Nest Weave which is a subset of Weave uses IPV6 protocols for creating local wireless networks
  10. Weave can be used with or without Android Things which is an independent protocol alternative to Bluetooth Smart. 

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