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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Government to Soon Launch Iris Enabled AEPS mode of Payment for Secure Digital Transactions

Post demonetization,  there has been a major surge in digital transactions. Although, majority of people supported demonetization, an initiative towards a cashless economy, there has been doubts raised with regard to the secure digital transactions. 

Government to Soon Launch  Iris enabled  AEPS modes of Payment  for Secure Digital Transactions

As cyber crimes are increasing day by day it becomes absolute necessity to completely shut down the vulnerabilities associated with digital transactions. Now the Government is working on a solution to use Iris mode of payment system to ensure more secure payments.

The union government is currently monitoring to develop a Android mobile based Aadhaar enabled payment system(AEPS). To avail this facility, the merchant needs to download 'Iris scanner' to his smartphone and the customer needs to have Bank account linked to Aadhaar.

Let's see how its works
  • The customer has to provide his Aadhaar number to the merchant and it will be authenticated through biometrics.
  • The merchant needs to send the Aadhaar number and the Biometrics data to Unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) which verifies the data provided by the merchant.
  • Once the data is found to be matched a message will be sent by UIDAI to the bank and payment is issued to the merchant. 
  • The process, in reality, will be completed in seconds.
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Ram reddy, deputy director general of UIDAI said that they are in talks with mobile manufacturing accompanies for starting Aadhaar authentication payment mode. They are also planning to launch the project in Hyderabad wherein 90% of the people have Aadhar Linked bank accounts.

According to sources, Government has roped in Tata Consultancy services(TCS) to develop a fool proof Iris scanner. Cyber security experts noted that Iris scanner technology will be fool proof option for secure digital transactions in India.

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