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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hacker group R.I.U. Star Patrol threatens to Shut Down Xbox Live and PSN Gaming Consoles

If you are planning to spend the holidays with gaming consoles Microsoft's X-box live and Sony's PSN (play station Network) then think again. A new hacker group who call themselves as R.I.U Star patrol announced on youtube that they are planning to take down Xbox live and Sony's PSN  on Christmas day by launching (distributed denial-of-serviceDDoS attacks. The season Is known for the purchase of a large number of gaming consoles and its activations. They continue to be among the most popular gifts for Christmas.

The hacking group earlier this week launched DDoS attacks on tumbler and managed to take it down for several hours. One day before their scheduled attack on Xbox live and PSN they launched DDoS attack on servers of gaming company EA as a result of which their servers crashed. They termed the recent attacks on EA as a pre-Christmas test. The attacks on gaming consoles have become a common tradition.

If you look back in 2014 hacker group Lizard Squad took down both Xbox live and play station network(PSN) by launching DDoS attacks against the gaming networks. The trend seems to have continued and in 2015 another hacker group dubbed Phantom squad took down Xbox live followed by PSN the next day. Following these attacks, both Sony and Microsoft have struggled to bring back things to normalcy it is only after the holidays they were able to restore the situation.

Going by the past history it seems these companies would not be able to do anything against the attacks. However many are hopeful that both Microsoft and Sony have taken enough precautionary measures to ward off any attack from the hacking group.

The hacking group also gave an interview to youtube based gaming news channel 7421 max wherein they clarified to go ahead with the attacks. When enquired about the possibility of agenda behind such attacks they said they are just doing it for fun.

Source: Inquisitr

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