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Monday, December 19, 2016

iPhone 8 to feature OLED Curved Plastic Display and New Touch Sensitive Technology: Report

Rumors about Apple iPhone 8 which is set to launch in 2017 keeps coming and according to the new rumor, Apple's new iPhone is all set to come with OLED curved display. It further states that Apple is going to shift from existing aluminum and glass design to plastic display. Currently, Apple has been using Glass surface for its phones and watches.

Apple iPhone 8 to feature OLED Curved Plastic  display and New Touch sensitive Technology: Report

The report comes from Korean herald indicating that the new display in next year flagship phone iPhone 8 to feature new touch sensitive technology that allows users to gain access by touching anywhere on the screen. The report further confirms that apple will be releasing three new phones in 2017, one new flagship phone that is expected to be iPhone 8 and new models with traditionaL LCD displays.

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Samsung is the only supplier of OLED displays to Apple and it is said that Apple has ordered all plastic OLED not glass to Samsung display. Samsung is only able to supply 100 million curved OLED displays to Apple. This is less than half of annual iPhone sales which stand at 200 million units.

Although apple is depending solely on Samsung for the supply of display panels it is expected to lower the dependence to prevent any possible leaks from the competitor.

The report further states that LG display which happen to be the Apple’s long time LCD supplier is working with both Apple and Google to develop foldable panels and to provide them to Apple, Google and Microsoft in 2018.

If you look at the other previous rumors, they stated iPhone 8 to feature wireless charging and glass body, no physical home button and an edge to edge bezel free design.

Source: Korea herald


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