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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

iPhone 8 is Codenamed 'Ferrari' Internally: Report

Apple’s new flagship smartphone iPhone 8 might be Called Ferrari. However, this is the code name given by Apple to its flagship phone internally. The details emerge from Weibo user who posted documents in the social media account showing the internal code name.

Phone 8 is Codenamed 'Ferrari' Internally: Report

The leaks provided by Weibo user most often tend to be accurate regarding the products and decisions. Weibo is a microblogging website,  one of the most popular sites , which is used by more than 30% of internet users in china.

The documents also revealed Apple will release three iPhone models next year D2O D21 and D22. Earlier, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus bear the code names D10 and D20 internally early in the production cycles.

The reports further support the recent rumor by Korea herald about the possible curved OLED curved display in the flagship smartphone. Samsung will be the supplier of OLED displays and Apple is also in talks with LG for the supply of OLED Panels.

Also, recent leaks suggest the adoption of wireless charging in the latest iPhone.However, it will not come bundled with the iPhone and the users are thought to purchase the charger separately and will be charged accordingly by the Apple. Currently, wireless technology is being used in Apple watches.It is also rumored that the coming iPhone will sport new touch sensitive technology.

Apple's rival Samsung has been using the wireless technology since long. However, Apple has been avoiding it for some reasons. With the reports, we can expect wireless technology in the new iPhone.

According to reports, the phone will also be smaller and sleeker than iPhone 7 plus because of two part mother board that allows for more compact build. Previously as per the reports by Apple analyst, Kyo Ming-Chi of KGI securities new iPhone comes with complete Glass display with out Home button.The finger print sensor is embedded under the glass panel.

What ever may be the case the hype surrounding  the features of iphone 8 are increasing day by day with reports emerging from various sources.


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