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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kamerar Zoom; World's first Dual Lens Attachment System for iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone is touted as the best mobile camera you can have. Although many smartphones have come up with better specifications and higher megapixels but the iPhone offers excellent image quality and super photo App association that makes it always stay ahead of its rivals. 

Kamerar Zoom; World's first Dual Lens Attachment System for iPhone 7 Plus

Few companies have come up with solutions to further add a new photography experience with iPhones through the release of lens attachment systems. If you rewind, company Olloclip released Ollocase which is used for iPhone 6 and 6 plus and  Moment released two accessory lenses for iPhone 5S. But the latest release by the company  Kamerar stands out in the crowd.

Kamerar developed world's first dual lens attachment system dubbed Kamerar zoom for Apple's iPhone 7 plus. There are two lens pairs in the system. A fisheye/telephoto pair and a macro zoom lens.

A fisheye/telephoto pair turns wide angle into fisheye and macro zoom allows telephoto into longer zoom thereby facilitating macrophotography.

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What makes pretty interesting is the design of dual lens attachment system. The system is very simple to use and comes with smartphone hard case. Once you wear the smartphone hard case to iPhone on the back you can find case and clip solution for sliding different lens attachment systems. Simply slide in the Lens system you want to use in the slot on the back and you are ready to shoot. 

In case you don’t want to use any of them you can just slide out and use the hard case for phone protection.The product was developed by a  partnership between Kamerar, which designed the lens system and Ztylus Created the optical system.

The Kamerar zoom kit comes with a price tag of $45 and can be purchased from Kamerar store. Kamerar zoom kit includes the case and two lens attachments.

The video demonstration of Kamerar zoom kit is given below.

Source: Petapixel

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