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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Demonetisation effect; Kolkata Private hospitals witness decline in foreign patients

Demonetisation has had a tremendous impact not only on common people but also merchants of business who struggled with sales slumping to a new low. Although there is minimal effect in various sectors, as the government allowed for acceptance of the old currency notes in petrol pumps, for bill payments, railway stations, and hospitals. But, private hospitals who treat a large number of foreign patients were not included in the list. Kolkata hospitals who treat a large number of foreign patients witnessed a tremendous decline in the number of patients.

Demonetisation effect; Kolkata Private  hospital's witness decline in foreign patients

The foreign patients faced a lot of difficulty for currency exchange. As a result, many hospitals rolled out new initiatives like mobile ATMs counters and check payments. The payments made in foreign currency has also increased manifold.

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Chief Executive Officer Rupali Basu told that their hospital witnessed as much as 25% drop in foreign patients in the first 20-25 days of demonetization. US dollar and Bangladesh taka contributed the major chunk in foreign currency.

AMRI Hospital CEO Rupak Barua asserted that even though cheque or online payment facilities are available they are intended for Indian patients and foreigners have to pay by cash. He further added that , since the notes are banned overnight that created chaos among patients. He said that the situation is gradually reverting normal after the circulation of new currency.

Peerless hospitals situated in the southern skirts also witnessed the drop in the number of foreign patients. Managing Director Sujit Kar Purakayastha said that the hospital does not have the policy to accept foreign currency from patients.They have to exchange their respective currency and pay in Indian currency. He hoped the situation to improve after the full flow of new currency in circulation.


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