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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Microsoft Reveals its Biggest Announcements made in 2016

The Year 2016 is about to end it is time to look back at the year analyze the highs and lows and look forward to better future. When it comes to tech world the anxiety even doubles the year 2016 has seen some big announcements and rather unexpected disappointments from various tech giants. Microsoft has revealed its biggest announcements made in the year 2016.

Initially, it began with the windows 10-anniversary update that unveiled earlier this year. Clearly, the major update is bundled with loads of new features that included redesigned Start menu, Edge browser extension support, Cortana improvements, and Windows Ink.that allowed users to annotate freely on their screens across different apps using a stylus.
Next up, is the Minecraft education system that is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment wherein the education is coupled with fun.

WINHEC 16, Conference held in china about Microsoft's vision for future of hardware saw innovations from mixed reality and gaming and new concept cellular PCs that allows for new windows experience in connection with Qualcomm. A new partnership with intel to code develop PC specs, to power mixed reality headsets and expansion of Microsoft into china. 

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The next cool announcement is the one associated with the gaming console Xbox. The new feature that Xbox play anywhere that allows Xbox players to play across multiple platforms. You can purchase on one platform and can play across different platforms with out any extra charge. Also, the players are able to sync game across platforms that enable them to play the game on one platform and resume it on the other platform. Not only that all the achievements and rewards are synced across platforms. R core is the first game that supported this feature.  Apart from this you can know about all the announcements in the video below.

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