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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The New Rs 1000 Note according to sources, of course

A new Rs.1000 note is circulating in Social media. On the note the word Specimen is written and social media is buzzing on this new note. Till now no one know of it is made with photoshop or it is a leaked image from the RBI.

1000rs currency note

After demonetization, any news regarding the currency has been trending in the media. When the Government released the new Rs.2000 note, a news circulated that the currency has inbuilt nano chip which acts as a GPS and tracks the location of the note. Later, the news was sound to be false as government confirmed that they didn't place such device in the currency note.

Then people identified typographic mistakes in the new currency notes. There was typographic error in the hindi language on the back side of the note. 

Let's see what all the things are buzzing in twitter regarding the Rs.1000 note

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