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Friday, December 9, 2016

Nitendo to Soon Release Supermario Game to iPhone

Good news for all Mario game lovers. Supermario is coming to iPhone. Nitendo the  video game publisher is soon going to launch the game for Iphone users.The Game is slated for release on December 15.

Nitendo to Soon Release Supermario Game to iPhone

Shigeru Miyamoto, the famed game designer who brought Mario and other Nintendo icons to life said that the original idea came when it was found that the game was becoming complex for a particular segment of audience. This report  was published in  USA today.

What makes the game stand out from the rest is that there is  no need for using any  direction buttons and users can make Mario jump over the obstacles and clear levels by simply tapping the screen.

"We thought if we were to focus on a game where you do not have to worry about controlling Mario with the plus (shaped) control pad, and instead you could just focus in on Mario's jumping, then it would make the game simpler for a wider audience to enjoy," said Miyamoto.

The game will be coming in three modes world tour,Toad ralley and kingdom builder.The game is free to download,and only few levels are freely accessible.Inorder to play all the levels of the Supermario it will cost the Gamers $9.90.

"More kids have their first video game experiences on a smartphone instead of a dedicated video game device. Nintendo looks to Mario to possibly pull some of those new players to more in-depth experiences on Nintendo devices," said Miyamoto.

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