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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Notes printing to dip by 28 million per day as Salboni Press staff refuse to work Overtime

Demonetisation has not only has its effects on common people but the demand for currency notes led exerted immense pressure on printing presses. There is no other way for the workers but to work overtime to meet the demands. As a result of which many workers were subjected to suffer from severe health problems.

In the latest move employees of salboni currency printing press in west Bengal has informed the authorities that they will stop working beyond nine-hour shifts citing health reasons. After working for 12 hours many employees complained to suffer from health problems like back pain disturbed sleep and mental and physical distress.

Trinamool Congress MP and president of the Association Sisir Adhikari said the authorities have forced the employees to work around the clock for printing of currency notes to meet sudden demand due to which many workers fell ill. He also said that they requested the government to carry additional recruitment but no action has been taken. He further added since the decision is taken by the center it is also the sole responsibility to sort out the issue.

The salboni press prints around 96 million notes daily with workers putting in two shifts of 12-hours duration each. Association secretary Nepal Singh said the said the yield at nine-hour move would be 34 million notes, an aggregate of 68 million in two shifts. As a result, there will a decrease of 28 million notes per day.

A member of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) Employees’ Association told that they entered into an agreement with the management from December 14 to work in 12-hour shifts for two weeks. The agreement ended on December 27 and they are not willing to continue.

There are  700 employees, currently working at the Salboni facility are affiliated to BRBNMPL Employees' Association. The Salboni press prints all currency note denominations from Rs 10 to Rs 2,000. 


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  1. Mamata Bannerjee has shown that she can stab the country in the back without hesitation.