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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Open Source Android OS Cyanogen to discontinue its Services from 2017

Cyanogen will be shutting down its services by the end of the year i.e., December 31. This was revealed in the announcement made by the company on the Cyanogen Inc.’s website. This move by Cyanogen comes as a surprise to many where in 2015 Cyanogen was tipped off to separate from google and be independent. Earlier in 2015, Kirt McMaster Cyanogen’s CEO said that they are attempting to take android away from google. He made the statement at the Information's next phase of Android event held in San Francisco.

What is Cyanogen?

It is an open source Android operating system (OS). In simple words, it is the android modification that is better than the android itself. Dubbed Cyanogen Mod, it is the custom version of Android operating system.

If you trace back to history Cyanogen was produced soon after the launch of first android phone T-mobile G1 back in 2008. The first version of cyanogen mode was developed by steve kondik. Cyanogen basically offers more features and more control than google to the user.

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According to the announcement made on its website, Cyanogen will discontinue all the services and cyanogen supported nightly builds after 31/12/2016. The open source venture and source code will stay accessible for any individual who wish to build cyanogen mode personally.

What is the future for Cyanogen users?

They need not worry, as Cyanogen has strong built-in community and any cyanogen-related mods will depend completely on the community to keep it alive and dynamic and forward in view of the most recent Android manufacturer builds.

This further means that since Cyanogen is shut down there are no chances to receive support from the Cyanogen.Since the community is strong and passionate Cyanogen Mod will continue living on and move forward.


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