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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reliance Jio could extend the freebies beyond March 31, 2017: Experts

Reliance Jio could extend the free offering for a couple of months beyond March 2017 with top telcos came out with a price war to defend the Jio's unlimited offering, industry experts said on Friday.


According to Rajiv Sharma of HSBC, Jio might extend the offering of freebies if the top level telcos are more aggressive in pricing the 4g packs.

'The rivals of Jio so early started the game which meant that it will not be an easy game for Jio, especially with low penetration of VoLTE handsets said analysts at Religare

Airtel on Thursday showcased two offers which offer unlimited calling bundled with 4g data. These are for low revenue high volume generating users. The plans are almost replicated by Idea and Vodafone as they too priced the packs at similar rates and offer similar bucket.

Experts say that the new tariff plans by airtel indicate that airtel is ready to sacrifice the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to hold its customers

Brokerage firm Credit Suice said that slowly Indian market is moving towards free voice calls in bundled plans.

All these ongoing things indicate that it will not be as easy for Reliance Jio if they start billing customers after March 2017. 

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