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Monday, December 26, 2016

Samsung to Showcase Creative Lab Projects for Kids and Skincare at CES 2017; Tag+, Lumini andS- Skin

Samsung launched Creative Lab (C-Lab) innovation program in 2015 which enables its employees to think out and come with new ideas for which Samsung will be sharing resources and give time off to its employees. The lab encourages creative corporate culture and nurtures innovative ideas from its employees.

Earlier this year the company announced that 18 of its employees were working on their own C-Lab projects. Later they had resigned from the company to launch proper companies based on the ideas that they started working on in this program. The program supports the development of innovative ideas from all areas of the business.
Samsung launched Creative Lab (C-Lab)

Projects that will be unveiled at CES 2017 to be conducted on January 5, 2017 at LAS VEGAS, NV are:
  • Tag+ which is an electronic device that adds extra functionality to kids’ toys; 
  • S-Skin, a home skincare and analysis solution;
  • Lumini, a portable device that checks the inner skin to identify and prevent skin problems.


Tag+ is the first project to be revealed by the Samsung during. Tag+ is basically a button type device that kids can easily use. It connects the toy and smartphone through a Bluetooth LE and gives intuitive interactions. It actually responds accordingly to a click, long press, shake or bump which allows the kids to have various experiences with the toy without losing interest. The video shown below demonstrates how Tag+ actually works.


S-Skin is a skin care solution made for consumers which save time and cost required for professional dermatological treatments. The device contains a microneedle and a portable device which cares your skin. The microneedle can deeply penetrate into your skin to deliver the effective ingredients and enhances the absorption. The device can measure the hydration, redness, melanin of your skin and provide a customized solution for your skin type. The video shown below clearly explains how the device works.


Lumini is also for your skin but is meant for a different purpose. Lumini identifies your skin problems before they actually happen. Lumini takes the picture of your face and sends it to your smartphone and analyzes with its own algorithm and identifies the problem present underneath your skin. It identifies pimples, freckles, increased pores, wrinkles, redness, and sebum. Based on the problem, Lumini suggests you with proper cosmetic products to treat and provides remote consulting service with a dermatologist. See the video below to find out how Lumini works

Since earlier this year, Samsung has been showcasing its C-Lab projects in major exhibitions and finding out the business value present in them and feasibility to market them based on the people's reaction.

Along with the above three C-Lab projects, Samsung will also showcase five additional projects in the CES, 2017. 

  • MANGOSLAB, which is a compact printer that prints memos from the smart devices to Post-it note paper
  • Jameasy, which is a solution that helps users practice an acoustic musical instrument through a sensor module attached to the instrument
  • MOPIC, which is a smartphone cover that helps view 3D content without glasses
  • Analogue Plus, which is a hands-free device for headgear
  • WELT, which is a fashionable belt for healthcare. 

Source: Samsung

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