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Monday, December 5, 2016

How Smart Phone Apps are Transforming the Health Care in Rural India

Scenario of Health care in Rural India

India is a developing country, as we all know and is well ahead globally  in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Although India has been way forward in areas of Technology and Medicine still a lot needed to be done to improve health care in rural India. Even today, we see many people in rural villages won’t consult a doctor for any disease. They follow traditional modes of treatment and only retort to a qualified doctor only as a last step solution after having tried everything else. This further complicates the situation and leads the doctor to prescribe surgery or expensive medicine. 

Smart Phone Apps are Transforming the Health Care in Rural India

But many of the patients are not economically sound enough to bear the expenses One of the major factors that can be attributed is there is no proper transportation facility as they needed to carry the patient to tens of kilometers to reach a qualified doctor. Another factor is time, as the doctors are available only at prescribed timings. Suppose any complication arises in the night or wee hours of the morning there is no another way but to wait.

Now due to the  aggressive price war between Smartphone brands and also within mobile data providers many people were able to use smartphones and access   internet at affordable prices. This created a window for startups that have recognized the potential of online medical services and are now entering the space to deliver quality health services by the use of technology. 

Many apps are now available to cater the needs of the patients round the clock.The App developers  have been working in close association with doctors of private multispecialty hospitals and government hospitals for healthcare delivery. Many people are now utilizing the services as consultation charges are much lesser when compared to multispecialty hospitals.These Apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Some of the Apps available

Telemedicine: It is a telehealth provider of on-demand medical consultations over the phone email or online video. Once you go through the registration process and add brief medical history you will be provided immediate access to top doctors available. They will also maintain individual medical records in the medical record management system. From advice on understanding sexually transmitted diseases and taking care of undesirable pregnancies to managing cancer and depression, new companies are utilizing telemedicine to give rural ladies a door to get to proficient medical assistance.

Rxpress: It is the technology partner to Narayana health,Bangalore Baptist hospital and fortis.Launched in April 2015 currently, it has about 12000 registered customers out of which 35% are women

Rajesh Kumar Singh, CEO of Olito, a Pune-based social insurance startup started in January 2016, said they get the most calls during the night or in the early hours of the morning. According to him, applications provide access to doctors anytime as most of the doctors are difficult to get contacted after the working hours.

According to Abhishek Dwivedi, co-founder of New Delhi based online doctor consultation platform AlternacareDoctors that are busy in their daily routine and willing to be a part of social welfare activities this serves as a powerful platformAlso, care takers of senior citizens often find it extremely difficult to bring them to hospitals every time .Instead, now they can make a call and follow the prescription and dosage.

Many startups in the field have partnered with online shopping retailers like Amazon Flipkart and Snap deal. So the delivery boys of these retailers can collect money during the course of the journey. Further with the announcement by Prime minister Narendra Modi towards digitization, many start-ups can be expected to step up in the near future.

According to Assocham (Associated chambers of commerce of India), telemedicine sector is expected to double by 2020 to about Rs 210 crore. As of June 2016 market stands at Rs 100 crores.

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