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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Let your loved ones know you’re safe with this Trusted Contacts app from Google

When people step outside of their home for some work or other, safety is a major concern. This is especially more important in cities where people had to travel around the city in public transport like cabs, buses. We here many news these days how people especially women are being abducted in many places. This is raising a lot of fear in their loved ones as they cannot trace out the exact location when their loved ones go outside.

Till now, there is no such safety and security app which help you feel safe and gives peace of mind to your friends and family.

Keeping these concerns in mind, Google just launched a Saftey app called Trusted Contacts. This new safety app lets you share your location to your friends and family in day to day situations and emergencies. The most important feature in this app is that it works even if your phone is offline and automatically shares your location without you need to access.

trusted contacts

trusted contacts

How Trusted Contacts Works?

Once you install this android app, you can assign the contacts under trusted list to whom your location can be shared. Once you add few of your contacts in the trusted list, you can anytime share your location with the contacts. Your location will be shared with them until you manually stop the sharing. Till then you can be traced by your trusted contacts. They can see you where you where you go on the maps. This exactly works like how you see a cab in maps when you use Uber or Ola.

In another case, your trusted contacts can also request your location from their phone. In case you are in a situation that you cannot share the location, the app automatically shares your location without your permission. This is the good thing about this app

How to use Trusted Contacts?

  • Download the app here
  • Tap get started to launch a small tutorial of the app. This let you understand how the app works
  • During this tutorial, you will be asked to let your contacts access your location. Tap Allow when asked
  • Now, Trusted contacts will ask you to add contacts. You can choose few of them from your family or friends
  • To remove a contact from the list, tap the three vertical dots next to that contact's name and then tap Settings. From there, you can uncheck their ability to ask for your location.
  • Now, to share your location with a specific contact, tap on their name. 
  • "Share Your Location" option will appear. 
  • You can tap on an orange location button, which lets you choose who gets an alert or sending an alert to all your trusted contacts. 
  • Choose the latter option, a countdown will appear on the screen, giving you a chance to cancel the alert.
The app is currently available for android devices only. For iOS, the app is getting ready for release very soon

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