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Monday, December 12, 2016

Xiaomi VR Play headset debuts in India for Rs 999: Specifications

mi vr play

Xiaomi has rolled out the VR play headset in India finally after its release in china in August. The VR headset is priced at Rs999 and will on sale from December 21st 12pm exclusively on mi.com

Features of Mi VR Play

  • Compatible with Google cardboard giving you access to a library of videos and apps 
    on Google Play.
  • Immersive experience with two way zip so that phone doesn't fall out when moving the headset
  • Compatible with most regular and plus-sized phones with displays ranging from 11.9cm (4.7) to 14.5cm (5.7).
  • Uses Lycra fabric (polyurethane-based synthetic fibre) which makes it light weight. 
  • Mi VR Play is wrapped in smooth, lightweight, durable Lycra for long-lasting comfort.
  • For the best image clarity, the optical-grade aspheric lens has a high tolerance interval of 0.01mm.
  • Panoramic or 3D universe 
  • Interactions happen most on the textured metal button - the sturdiest component on Mi VR Play. When pressed, a high-responsive conductive silicone button inside makes direct contact with your phone.
  • Rubber strips are slightly elevated at each end to prevent accidental home and menu button presses.
  • Internal rubber strips restrict phone movement and act as a guide for phone alignment.
  • It Weighs 208.7g.

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