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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Xiaomi Rumoured to Launch Smart Car/Scooter on Monday

Xiaomi is rumored to launch an electric car scooter at an event on Monday. Xiaomi's sub-brand Mi JIA ecosystem  has an event slated for December 12. In the teaser for the event, there are skid marks raising speculations about the possible launch of an electric bike or car.

Xiomi Rumoured to Launch Smart  Car/Scooter  on Monday

Xiaomi has rattled the smartphone market across worldwide providing features of the high-end phone at lower prices.  It is well established in air purifiers, kettles, electric screwdrivers, drones, TV's and now sets to expand its horizons.

However, it is unclear whether it will be a bike or scooter.Earlier in June, Xiomi released a foldable electric bike with a 250W, 36V high-speed motor. Since the poster  demonstrates a skid mark , it is clear to accept that the vehicle could be another bicycle or an electric bike. The features included ABS anti-locking brakes, regenerative braking, and cruise control.

Recognizing the enormous potential of smart cars many companies are showing a keen interest in this area. As with accordance to BI Intelligence, automotive companies like BMW, Daimler, General Motors, Toyota, and Tesla are leading the connected car market. tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Pandora, Sprint, and Google are also willing to invest in the connected car market.

According to estimates, there will be 381 million electric cars on road  by 2020. Google has been testing Self-driven cars since 2009.With cars traveled to around 2 million miles on road,road, it is  set to release Self-driven  cars in the near future. However  there has been cases of cars being involved in collisions and accidents, the company will continue testing and expect to release by 2020.

LeEco LeSEE car

The company introduced the idea dating back to April and also gathered a sum of $1.8 billion from investors.The company claims that the autonomous cars comes bundled with features like machine learning of facial, emotion, system and path recognition.

 Apple's iCar

Apple  was working  on smart car titled 'project Titan' which aims to develop smart car called iCar started way back in 2014.Apple never confirmed the same .Some reports suggest apple has given the project time till the year end before it makes a final decision.However, it is unclear whether Apple is focusing on the smart car or the software. Speculations suggest  Apple is keen on software and wants to collaborate with  car makers. to use its software for autonomous car building.

Concerns associated with Smart cars

However there are some serious concerns regarding smart cars that include minimal cargo space technical difficulties ,response to traffic rules  and risky situations, security concerns about the software .And primarily up to what extent it can gain the trust  of people before handing their controls to machines.


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