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Monday, January 23, 2017

BoltFare Facebook chatbot finds you the absolutely cheap flight deals in minutes

Boltfare is an AI-powered travel agent chatbot on Facebook messenger specially made for travelers who wants to find the cheapest airfare. The concept is very unique that can find you ultra-cheap airfares without you having to do anything. Really, you need not do anything. 

Just tell it where your home airport is and to where you have to travel and your travel date (can be flexible, the more flexible you are, the better chance we find you a cheap flight). Within an hour, you will be informed on chatbot the cheapest fare against the travel details you asked.


How Boltfare works?

Airlines sometimes offer special prices without any promotion, making them up to 80% cheaper than usual.

These fares last between an hour and a couple days before getting sold out.

Boltfare finds these deals first, sending you them on Facebook Messenger. which save your time & money.

How is it different from Expedia, SkyScanner, etc?

Boltfare monitor flights over a long period of time, constantly checking your requested dates for deals. It can take between a few days to a few weeks in order to find you a deal - but can guarantee the deal much better than you would find on flight search engines. If you need to fly on a certain day, to a certain destination, then perhaps BoltFare isn't right for you - but if your itinerary is flexible then you can save a lot of money on airfare.

What types of flights do you send out? Domestic too?

Boltfare primarily send out roundtrip international flights, since those are the most expensive to begin with (and thus you can find the best savings!) The flights Boltfare send out originate from everywhere except Asia, South America, and Africa. Boltfare will be expanding this after the beta.

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