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Monday, January 23, 2017

FSA warns the risk of cancer on eating toasted potatoes; Quick tips to reduce the risk of acrylamide

Potatoes are posing a new risk of cancer according to a new study. The Food Standards Agency now warns people not to eat overcooked or toasted potatoes through the campaign called "Go for Gold".The FSA is urging people to put off the flame when the potatoes turn light golden yellow in color.Toast potatoes are now in the Food Standards Agency's danger list. Before knowing the methods to reduce the risk of cancer, let us understand the story behind the scene.

potato toast

What is the problem if we eat toasted potatoes?

The warnings are based on the raising concerns about the consumption of a chemical compound named 'acrylamide' which is released during the process of the browning. Acrylamide is produced in a reaction with sugar, water and amino acids when heated at high temperature in a process called as Maillard Reaction. The higher the temperature and the longer time it is cooked, more the acrylamide is produced. This acrylamide is also found in the tobacco smoke which is known for the main cause of cancer when tested in animals.

How big is the risk?

The acrylamide poses the risk of cancer in all age groups during a lifetime of exposure. FSA noted that the acrylamide has been linked to damage the reproductive system and nervous system. But at certain levels, it poses a severe risk of cancer.

How can I reduce the risk?

These days, it looks like everything could pose the risk of cancer from meat to potatoes. Scientists suggest stopping eating the crisps and chips and biscuits which are the largest depositories of acrylamide or you can follow these instructions to reduce the risk.

Stop the flame when the color reaches golden yellow when toasting, frying, baking, or roasting any starchy foods like potatoes, bread and root vegetables.

Don't store the raw potatoes in the refrigerator - store them in a cool, dark place above 6C.

Follow the prescribed cooking instructions when heating oven chips, pizzas, roast potatoes and parsnips.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet that include portions of vegetables and fruit per day as well as little starchy carbohydrates.

Lastly, quitting smoking is the biggest achievement one could get to have a good health.

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