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Monday, January 23, 2017

This new Gadget dubbed Fertility Fitbit-wristband could help couples get pregnant

In today's we are very much focussed on our careers rather than family life. In the busy lifestyle, we are unable to spend some quality life with the partner. Couples nowadays find it difficult to conceive in order to have a baby. Although many factors can be attributed, Knowing the right time to have sex will definitely improve chances for couples to realize their dream of having a baby.

This new Gadget dubbed Fertility Fitbit-wristband could help couples get pregnant

Now a new gadget could help couples get pregnant. Although sounds bizarre the new Gadget is a form of a wristband which the inventors say that it predicts the most fertile time of women with 95% accuracy. 

Mechanism of the Device:

  • Dubbed the "fertility Fitbit"  Ava device looks like a watch.
  • The women wear the device on her wristband and can take it off in the morning. 
  • The device recognizes the time of ovulation in women by detecting a fine changes in the women's body such as resting heart rate and skin temperature.
  • The data is sent to her phone rise as the body prepares to release the egg. 
  • Total the device monitors 9 variables to that change slightly during the menstrual cycle.
  • It also measures breathing rate, movement during sleep and also the length of the sleep.

If you measure these signals individually it is rather very difficult to determine the peak fertility time of women. It is where the Ava device holds an edge where it tracks all the signals together and identifies the most fertile time of women with utmost accuracy. The device has also undergone year long study with  41 women carried at the University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland, It was found to record 89 percent accuracy in predicting the most fertile 5 days of the month.

If the devices come into existence it will be a huge relief for most women who at present depend on urine test method. According to  Lea von Bidder, 26, president of Swiss-based firm Ava trying for a baby is often associated with stress and frustrating experience for women and the new device will be very helpful to know the right time. However, there are few who are against the concept. Professor Adam Balen chairman at British fertility society feels the device adds pressure on the individuals forcing them to have sex at a particular time. He feels that in order to conceive Couples must involve in regular sex all through the women's cycle and a fresh sperm was best to fertilize an egg.

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  1. I have never heard about this product before but it does sound interesting and helpful. We're also on our ttc journey now and right now, we're trying again for baby# 2, what I use to try my fertility are the free bbt and opks that I got from conceiveeasy. I hope it'll happen for us very soon!