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Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Replace Your Existing PAN Card with Tamper-proof PAN Card

Income Tax (I-T) department has started issuing new tamper proof PAN cards with more security features. The distribution fo the tamper proof PAN cards has already started from January 1, 2017 by NSDL and UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Ltd) 

pan card
New applicants who filed an application after January 1 will receive the tamper proof PAN card. 

All existing PAN card holders who wish to receive this tamper proof PAN card can fill new application. Before letting know the process of obtaining a replacement of existing PAN card with tamper proof PAN card, we will let you know what are the new features added in the new PAN card.

Features of tamper proof PAN card

- Error-free which is made possible by automation
- A new feature called Quick response code: the code will provide details of the cardholder in one go
- Contents on PAN card written both in English and Hindi
- Tamper proof

How to Replace existing PAN card with Tamper-proof PAN card

In order to obtain the new tamper proof PAN card, you must submit a new application on form 49A at your local IT PAN Service Center or you can fill it online here

You need to indicate your existing PAN on the form and surrender your old PAN card. The cost for this is Rs. 94/-.
UTIITSL will ensure delivery of your PAN card by mail at the address indicated by you in form 49A.

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  1. If you have already applied for a new PAN card or a copy of PAN card,
    all you are required to get a new one is fill up the required forms and
    apply. The Form 49 A can be obtained via three certified websites such
    as NSDL, e-Mudra, and UTI.