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Sunday, January 15, 2017

LG Promises G6 to be the Safest with the Battery and Phone Undergoing Toughest Tests

Battery related explosions of smartphones these days are becoming quite common and is letting loose the reputation of smartphone companies. This has happened for Samsung with Galaxy Note 7 and also for Apple. LG keeping this in mind wanted to offer safest smartphones to the consumers. 

For this, LG Electronics is adopting a new technology for its upcoming LG G6 Flagship phone. LG Electronics said it is using "heat pipes" made of copper which conducts heat away quickly for its flagship device G6. This type of "heat pipes" are commonly used in Laptops to keep away generated heat by the processors. These reduce the temperature by 6-10% by getting away the internal heat. 

LG G6 Saftey tests battery

LG G6 is designed in a unique and different way such that the parts which generate more heat are kept far apart to stop heat concentrating in one particular area.

LG G6 is also undergoing the safety tests which are tougher than those set by the international standards. LG G6 battery is being exposed to heat which is higher by 15% than what is set by International Standards of US and Europe.

The battery is undergoing physical tests like piercing it with a sharp nail, dropping a heavy object on it at the right place to test the physical safety of the battery.

LG G6 phone, on the other hand, is undergoing an accelerated life step where the phone is subjected to harsh treatment like dropping the phone, exposing the phone to a higher voltage. All the test are done even for smartphone parts like the processor, display, camera and fingerprint scanner.

LG V20 which was released during last year September passed US military standard MIL-STD 810G test. The smartphones which pass this test will be used in US Military drill


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