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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Novin's Smart Cane (Walking Stick) for Elderly people alerts Family in case of Fall

Amid the high backdrop of latest gadgets and futuristic cars, French startup Novin was successful in leaving a mark of its own at CES (Consumer Electronic show) being held in Las vegas. The common problem faced by elderly people is the fall they experience with age. Even they are provided with a proper caretaker he may not be able to keep track of the movement all the time. Keeping in view of the problems faced by the elderly people and people with low mobility, company Novin has come with a unique solution.
Novin's Smart Cane (Walking Stick) for elderly people alerts Family in case of Fall
The startup's  creation dubbed Smart cane  (smart walking stick) aimed for elderly people and people with low mobility. The company gave a digital finish to the walking stick without losing the traditional shape. For this Novin has partnered with Maison Fayet, a french company that was making walking sticks for more than a century. The Smart cane looks like any other walking stick available in the market. Equipped with motion sensors this stick detects unusual behaviors of its user particularly during falls.

Features of Smart cane

  • Contains built-in accelerometer and Gyroscope to keep a track on users movements
  • Presence of mobile chip and GPS in the device to alert family on smartphone in case of abnormal behavior or fall
  • light weight, User-friendly design and easy to handle

How smart cane works?

  • The smart cane studies the certain habits of the user such as the time of walking and activities of daily life. The data collected is sent to a secure server. 
  • Artificial algorithms process the data and deduce unusual situations like low activity, illness, staying awake for a long time that can be linked to the deteriorating condition.
  • The smart cane connects directly to GSM network and issues an alert to its family members or caretakers by a call, SMS or email. It also includes the location of the user due to the GPS chip in the device.
  • The family members respond that they will take care of the alert. A confirmation of the care is sent to the cane that reassures the user.

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