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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Phone calls to get Cheaper: TRAI to finalize Recommendations on Whats app and Skype by February

Telecom Regulator TRAI is planning to finalize recommendations on internet telephony framework by February. If this comes into existence phone calls will be much cheaper and will also lead the way to make phone calls from Whats app and skypeAn Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) offers digital telecommunications services based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that is via the Internet.

Phone calls to get Cheaper;TRAI's to finalize Recommendations on Whats app and skype by February

Trai Chairman RS Sharma told that they have internet telephony in their license but it has not expanded in the country. So today, they discussed the issues that are stopping its expansion. He further added, they will finalize recommendations by the February. Currently, Internet service providers are allowed to provide internet telephony from PC to PC. TRAI said that Internet telephony has become very much similar to conventional telephony and these providers are competing with existing technology that is used for making phone calls via mobile or landline.

The discussion took place following a dispute between Private telecom operators and BSNL. Cellular Industry body complained that new  BSNL service is in violation of License Norms. This came after BSNL  announced the launch of a new service that facilitates its customers to make calls from their landlines in India, by using amobile application when they are abroad.

Although the voice quality may not be that good, in Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), which depends mostly on the speed of the Internet  , but it uses resources much more efficiently than conventional telephone service thereby reducing the call charges. TRAI said Internet telephony, that provides low-cost calling may be the future, but telecom operators may not be willing to introduce VoIP as they are offering voice services over mobile and landline network.

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