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Thursday, January 26, 2017

LG unveils palm sized Pocket Photo printer for instant mobile printing; Price and specifications

LG Electronics has announced a portable Pocket Photo printer which allows the photo enthusiasts print photos instantly. This Pocket Photo printer has some better features over the previous edition of the Pocket Photo printer which LG released in 2014.

The 2017 edition Pocket Photo printer prints photos taken with a smartphone. Unlike conventional instant cameras, it is possible to print out only the best pictures, and it is possible to take multiple pictures of the same.

LG Electronics has launched a new pocket-photo product with more convenience on the 24th.  This product has an exterior case that allows you to see if there is any photo paper left without opening the photo paper tray.  The LG model is introducing pocket photos at LG Twin Tower in Yeouido, Seoul.

Pocket Photo (Model: PD261) is even easier to use. The exterior case is a translucent material with an inside view. The user can know whether the photo paper is left without opening the photo tray lid each time when pulling out a photograph. When loading photo paper, you can open the lid as easily as a car trunk.

It has a rectangular shape with a rounded curved design with a soft feel. Portability is also excellent. The weight is 177g, which is the smartphone level. The palm-sized size (78x125x22mm) fits in jacket pockets and women's pouches.

Users can print photos taken with Android and iOS-based smartphones using Bluetooth and pocket photos. Up to 20 sheets can be printed under full charge.

There are two kinds of colors, white and pink,  which will cost around $119 and a pack of zink paper (30 pcs) is around $13. The product is already available in South Korea from 24th January and is awaiting global launch.

"We will continue to lead the market for ultra-small printers with more convenient pocket photos," said LG Electronics' head of FD marketing in Korea.

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