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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Psychologists Reveal These 7 Signals Should Indicate That You Must Soon Quit Your Job

Is your current job affecting you mentally? Then it's time to move on. According to psychologists, there are some signals which indicate that your career is having a negative impact on the mental health Our daily job may be able to meet our expenses but it may have dangerous consequences on our health in long term. Many of us continue with our the jobs rather unwillingly even though we may feel to quit the job. This could have a negative influence on our health that in turn leads to depression and anxiety. 

Psychologists Reveal These 7 Signals Should Indicate That You Must Soon Quit Your Job

Dr. Sandi Mann, the senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), has shared these features that indicate that it is time to quit the current job and look out for a new one in order to minimize its impact on our health.

1). Lack of proper sleep: If you are unable to sleep properly or in case you are waking up very early it might be due to your being preoccupied with a lot about your job.

2) Making a lot of Mistakes: If you have developed a habit of being careless and making a lot of mistakes it is also an indicator to look for an alternate job.

3) Short tempered and unable to concentrate: This often is the result of stress which may prevent us from focussing on any particular thing and often tend to panic that in turn reduces our patience levels.

4) You become too emotional: This again can be attributed to stress and you tend to be emotional even if there is no such drastic situation.

5) Loss of sense of Humour: You may be gifted with an innate sense of humor where you previously used to display on occasions.But not this time as you find it hard enough even to enjoy the humor from your colleagues as your job is having a negative impact on your mental health.

6) Careless attitude: This again develops when you reach a stage where you seem to compromise with your job just keeping in mind about your expenses and decide to continue rather unwillingly in the current job.You tend to ignore everyone and everything and that is evident in the lack of attention you pay towards your customers, products or even patients at work.

7) You wake up with a feeling of fear: You are very much eager for the weekend to approach. Every day when you wake up you may be very over anxious and fear about the what possible events may take place in the workplace or you feel rather difficult to get out of your bed with mind being filled with a lot of negative thinking which ultimately leaves a huge mental burden and  inturn on  our health.

So anytime, if you seem to experience the above-mentioned symptoms it is advisable to rather leave your job immediately rather than coping with it, keeping in mind of the short-term demands. As goes the saying Health is Wealth you need to find out the right job where one hand you enjoy doing it and on the other hand, the job serves your purpose of meeting your financial goals.


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