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Monday, January 30, 2017

This Smart device Addresses the Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in Indian women

India being one of the fastest growing nations in the world still has some set of challenges. One among them is the toilets and India lead the world in open defecation. According to the census data, 636 million Indian households lack toilets.This often has a huge impact on women and leads to urinary tract infections and renal ailments in them.

This Smart device addresses the urinary tract infections (UTI) in Indian women

The situation worsens especially during journeys where public toilets are dirty and left with no other option but to use them. This poses a heath hazard to women and especially pregnant women who are recommended by doctors to follow hygienic practices. According to Dr. Manohar .T  urology consultant at Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore, more than 50% of Indian women suffer from Urinary tract infections(UTI) due to lack of toilets or usage of public toilets. 

The ratio of public toilets are more for men compared to women and this further makes the situation worse. According to estimate, there are 269 public toilets for women compared to 3712 toilets for men in Delhi about three years ago. Keeping in view of the problems Deep Bajaj came up with a smart device dubbed Pee buddy the country's first female urination device. The idea to launch Pee buddy came way back in 2014 when Deep Bajaj was traveling on a road trip along with his pregnant wife accompanied by his friends from abroad.
The group made him stop at every fuel station with the hope of finding a hygienic public toilet and later found that only one in 5 toilets turned out to be good. One of his Women friends from abroad told him about the pee buddy and it was that moment he decided to do something similar to women India.

The device allows women to stand and pee in even in unhygienic public toilets thereby eradicates the threat of Urinary tract infections. The device is a blessing particularly for pregnant women who find it hard enough to sit and pee. This device has been in existence for some time now in the west but this is the first time it was introduced in India.


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