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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A new Survey finds India will lose most number of Jobs to Digitisation and Automation

With many sectors looking for digitization and automation, fears are growing among the employees day by day about the possible loss of the job. A survey was conducted by Manpower Group-The skills revolution in this regard to know the effects of digitisation, artificial intelligence, and automation in businesses and organizations.They released the results of the survey in world economic forum in Davos. Manpower group asked the 18000 employers of 43 countries spanning across six industry sectors about the impact technology has on their business in next two years.

A new Survey finds, India will lose most number of Jobs to digitisation and Automation

On asked whether digitisation will increase or decrease jobs?  Most  Indian employers responded saying digitisation will lead to decrease number of jobs followed by the employers of Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Slovenia. However, on the other side, majority of the employers across the world feel digitization would lead to increase in employment. Most employers of Italy, Guatemala and Peru said digitization would bring in more jobs to people.

If you look at sectoral opinions, Employers in IT and consumer facing roles expect the greatest increase in a number of people with jobs. The survey finds the process of digitization will further increase demand for Big data analysts. The demand is expected to span across all the countries and across all industries.

Sectoral analysis revealed IT sector witness major gain in employees from digitization followed by Human resource sector. On the other hand, least number of employees are expected to roll in Finance and accounting followed by product and management sector.
According to the survey, short term digitization will not have any effect on the employment and may result in employees learning new skills and improvement of their current skills.

There is no immediate concern as a result of digitization as the majority of employers across the world responded positively and said more jobs will be created as a result of digitization. The survey finds that 83% of employers wanted to increase the number of jobs and also enhance the skills of existing employees in the next two years. Only 12 % of the employers wanted to decrease their current number of employees as a result of automation.

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