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Sunday, January 29, 2017

This Smart mirror named "Wize Mirror" can tell if you will have a heart attack

Researchers at NTNU developed a smart mirror called "Wize mirror" which looks like a normal mirror but contain 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors. These scanners and sensors access your health as you look into it. The mirror does this by examining your face, analyzing fatty tissue, blood circulation level, facial expression and colour.

wize mirror

How Wize Mirror works?

The Wize mirror has a facial recognition software that detects your anxiety levels, stress and even gas levels when you breath and see how much you drink and smoke. The 3D scanner analyzes your face to measure the weight fluctuations and multispectral cameras measure your oxygen levels in the blood, micro-circulation and even cholesterol in the skin.

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After the software had finished the analysis of your body, it gives a point score which indicates how healthy you are. The mirror also gives personalized tips to improve your health.

The Wize mirror is being developed by a group of researchers from seven EU countries and funded by the same countries.

Clinical trials of Wize mirror are in progress in France and Italy. The plan is to compare measurements from the smart mirror with measurements from traditional medical equipment.

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