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Monday, January 23, 2017

You will surprise to know the fact that your toothbrush is covered with your faeces and disease causing germs

After reading this article, I bet many of you will rush to buy a new toothbrush.

Your current toothbrush probably contaminated with faeces, herpes and even virus responsible for hepatitis. In just two days, your toothbrush gets contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi according to a new research.

A leading expert warned that it does not matter whether you kept your toothbrush in a bathroom or under your surveillance, it gets contaminated. Dentists warn that there are many dangers to your health by not keeping the toothbrush clean.


The mouth is the home for many dangerous microorganisms, many of which transfers to your brush during use. When the toothbrushes are placed together in a tooth mug, the microorganisms pass from one to another which leads to a new risk of cross contamination.

You may follow more risk when you borrow the toothbrush which has been used by others. This may cause herpes and hepatitis A, B and C as the studies have shown that these viruses can stay on your toothbrush for months together. 

Toothbrushes are a known source of contamination of many dental related diseases:

Since many years, Scientists have found out that the toothbrush is the main cause of oral cavity. The oral cavity is the most severe disease related to teeth.

This bacteria is known to multiply inside the mouth leading to tooth decay and ultimately the breakdown of the enamel.

Scientists also warned that repeatedly using the same toothbrush lead to diarrhea, skin rashes and ear infection.

In a research carried out at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut revealed that 60% of the toothbrushes are covered with faecal matter of which only 20% of it could be your own and the remaining faecal matter is more likely to be your husband's or wife's, or whoever your share your house with. This is really very embarrassing.

In another research carried out by  Professor Richard Glass in 1988, the Herpes virus can remain live on a toothbrush for at least 48 hours even if it is dry. In a moist toothbrush, the virus can remain viable for more than a week.

What Dentists recommend to reduce contamination

  1. Don’t flush where you brush - The place serves an easy contamination as you spit the microorganisms from your mouth.
  2. Store it upright and alone - don't mix with other toothbrushes
  3. Replace your toothbrush regularly at least once in three months
  4. Don’t share it with others

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