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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Govt launches anti-virus tools - USB Pratirodh, AppSamvid, M-Kavach and Browser JSGuard for download

Extending the 'Swachh Bharat' campaign to the cyber world, the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, today launched the Cyber Swachhta Kendra–Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre for analysis of malware and botnets that affect networks and systems.

Following are the tools released for citizens:

USB Pratirodh: 

A desktop security solution, which protects from USB mass storage device threats. 

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A desktop solution which protects systems by allowing installation of genuine applications through a whitelisting. This helps in preventing threats from malicious applications. 

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This tool is a comprehensive mobile device security solution for Android devices addressing threats related to mobile phones. It addresses threats related to malware that steal personal data & credentials, misuse Wi-Fi and Bluetooth resources, lost or stolen mobile device, spam SMSs, premium-rate SMS and unwanted/unsolicited incoming calls.

Browser JSGuard: 

This tool is a browser extension which detects and defends malicious HTML & JavaScript attacks made through the web browser based on Heuristics. It alerts the user on visiting any malicious web pages and provides the detailed analysis threat report of the web page

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With the growth in digitalization and proliferation of broadband and mobile internet, security of end users’ systems is vital for enhancing their trust in ICT and online transactions. 

User information from the computer and the mobile devices can be compromised if systems get affected with Bots. Users, therefore, need to practice a rigid cyber hygiene regimen to prevent malware infections on their systems and to ensure the security of their systems through suitable anti-malware tools. 

The Cyber Swachhta Kendra will provide free tools for detection and removal of malicious programs. More than 3500 users have currently downloaded and tried the free bot removal tools till date. 

The end-user can log on to the Cyber Swachhta Kendra Portal ( and clean their systems using the free cleaning tools.

Users can also educate themselves about the various cyber threats and get information on the security tips in order to secure their computers, mobiles and prevent infections in their systems.

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