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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Opt-in and Use Android Instant Apps on your Phone: Step by Step Guide

Sometimes content is best accessed in its native app. But most often, we do not need that app beyond a single specific instance. To deal with this scenario, Google has introduced Android Instant Apps. For the content that is deep-linked into participating apps, the app will download seamlessly and install to let you use it at that very moment.

Android Instant Apps lets you experience beautiful and immersive apps, with material design and smooth animations, without installing them on your device. Android Instant Apps will run on a majority of Android devices that use Google Play services.

Google has started rolling out a test of the service and opened up the access to the third-party developers. Instant apps now appear to have rolled out to Nexus and Pixel devices.

According to what published by Google, Instant apps is currently live four different apps - Wish, Viki, Buzzfeed, and Periscope. But, before you can access these instant apps, you have to turn it on.

You can follow these simple steps to opt in and use Instant apps.

How to Use Google Instant Apps on your Android Phone: Step by Step Guide

How to opt into Instant apps:

-Click on settings menu

-Scroll down and tap on Google under the Personal category

-Under the Services, select Instant Apps
-Tap on the toggle to turn it on. Read through and agree to the terms of service that will pop up and select Yes, I’m in

Now, you have activated Instant apps. Now, you have to find one and use it. As mentioned earlier, Instant apps are currently live for four apps - Wish, Viki, Buzzfeed, and Periscope

How to find and use Instant Apps:

-Open Google Chrome browser
-Search for an android app.( you can search for the above four apps listed above)
-Now, look for the search result that includes Instant in its subheading and select it
-Click on Open App
-The Instant App will now load on your phone. You can use this just like any other app that you have installed on your phone. You can also download the full app if you like by selecting install in the Instant App’s menu

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